🐧Chillin’ with Penguin CBD

I think I would like to add a few more complaints to my list of 5 Reasons That Getting Older SUCKS!!

This post is all about the body WHINE. And learning to be CHILL like a Penguin 🐧.

My amazing son Zachary and his family were here this week which meant I was busy. Like crazy busy. Which by the time my head hit the pillow at night I ached from hair to toes. YES, I’m saying my hair hurt! Don’t mock me.  I truly felt every minute of my 62 years. So, I’m adding to the list.

# 6 KNEES Not as in I wish I still had mine, because I do. More like I would love the snap, pop, crackle noise to go away. I would also love to get up off the ground without making that old person noise that I mocked my Grandma for. (soooooooo sorry G’ma. SOOOO very SORRY!! Karma…. bit me in the a@@ again!) Seems like I am not alone on that complaint because it was the number one comment complaint from the little Peanuts on the original post.

I’ve tried menthol rubs where again… mocking…. G’ma. SO sorry! They don’t help. Enough Tylenol I should buy stock in the company. I have seen relief with the chill Penguin CBD cream. Light peppermint lavender scent that doesn’t arrive 10 minutes before me. The texture is light and whipped looking. Absorbs quickly. While it doesn’t stop the tingling it does stop that throbbing pain in my hands…. speaking of hands.

# 7 HANDS Again, I do still have mine but lately I feel as if I am wearing gloves. My fingers feel numb, they tingle and they cramp. (SO NOT COOL for someone who just learned to knit and is thoroughly enjoying it! NOT COOL!!!) I wake up in the middle of the night because my hands hurt so bad. I can’t open jars, I want to MEET the person that invented child proof caps and have a very lengthy DISCUSSION.

I’ve started taking the Penguin Organic CBD oil. This one is strawberry flavor, broad spectrum supplement. I put one dropper full under my tongue and hold it there for 60 to 90 seconds. (by the way, 90 seconds is a long time to keep my mouth shut!! SERIOUSLY!!) The oil does give me relief of my back and elbow pain. The oil actually tamed the tingling in my finger tips but really helped with the throbbing and achy pain and allows me to knit!

# 8 BACK Holy Moly Batman, what is with the back pain?!? Seriously? I’m not doing anything I didn’t do in the past 62 years sooooo WHY?!?! I must KNOW! WHY!??!

# 9 FEET I noticed with all the running around with Zac and Family my feet and ankles have swollen up so I no longer have ankles, I have cankles. AGAIN…. I use my feet everyday. I do 3 miles a day on the treadmill so what’s with the cankles?

# 10 Ummm I forgot where I was headed with that one. Sorry.

The Penguin Company makes me smile. From the cute little 🐧, the mission statement AND great products. Ya know that penguins are chill. They are known to keep calm and waddle on. They dive into life, find warmth among friends, take long walks, stand together to face challenges, go the extra mile and lastly keep their cool under pressure.

Life can throw a lot at you, and it can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. That’s why we believe in the power of CBD and its ability to bring balance to the human body.

Penguin was founded in 2019. We’re still relatively new, but are taking big leaps in the CBD industry. Our hemp is organically grown in Oregon, and we pride ourselves on being extremely eco-conscious through sustainable farming practices. We will always remain transparent and honest through all of our practices!

Follow Penguin ♥ Instagram.

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Now, I’m off to chill on the deck and listen to the quiet.

Chill out Peanuts!!


12 thoughts on “🐧Chillin’ with Penguin CBD

  1. I hadn’t heard of the Penguin stuff for aching joints. I’ll try it. I sound like a certain breakfast cereal when I move, snap, crackle, pop.

  2. I’ve seen articles on CBD, but never really read into it. Good to know, I always pop an aspirin, and not sure if that is the best thing to do. I’m laughing about the ‘grandma’ noise. Lately I’ve been embarrassed when I have climbed up the three flights of stairs to my condo and then run to the phone, and I’m ‘heavy breathin.’ Just did that and had to answer a call from a man who is younger, now I’m wondering if he thought I was hot ‘n bothered. Nope, just hot and out of breath.

  3. Connie I know you’ve tried turmeric but go for the one that has black pepper in it. My sister tried all the various combos & swears by it for pain relief and anti-inflammation for her joints. Just ordered some for myself, so enthusiastic was her recommendation!

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