A Few Things to Know before You Start up Your First Small Business

Image via Pixabay Starting up your first small business is always likely to be pretty stressful, more than a bit confusing, and difficult in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, everyone needs to start somewhere, and these days more and more people – of all ages – are taking advantage of the virtually limitless opportunities offered […]

May 22nd Photo-A-Day V

This letter was a hard one. I don’t have a volcano to snap a picture of. No vampire here. Haven’t seen a vulture either. The VIOLENT wind we are having today would be super hard to snap a picture of so, I decided that I would just snap a picture of a vine outside the […]

May 21st Photo-A-Day U

For the letter U I am going to go with UNIQUE. As most of you know Miss Bear and I hike every morning. Bear is addicted to eating turkey poo (she’s fast too! Before you can call her out on that nasty habit it’s GONE!!) Of course the Mama hunts for shed (antlers) Up to […]

3 Tips for Freeing up More Energy to Invest in Developing Your Brand Identity

Image via Pixabay Digital entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm, and ever greater numbers of people are taking advantage of the amazing opportunities provided by the Internet, are moving away from their conventional and unsatisfying day jobs, and are becoming remote-working entrepreneurs. Setting out on this kind of career path can be absolutely exhilarating, […]

May 20th Photo-A-Day T

I am kinda excited about this particular prompt because this old gal climbed up into the tree house!  Yes, I DID!!! I will totally cop to the fact that I was shaking, white knuckling the climb. I kept hearing the contractors warnings about the deck. Same people that built the deck built the tree house……. […]