May 25th, Photo-A-Day Y

Y not let Mother Nature do Y!! Bear and I had a wonderful 2 hour hike today. Not a single shed (antler) found. But it was a great hike. All before the thunder storms that are supposed to arrive here in Idaho any time. I found several Y shaped branches and took that as a […]

May 24th Photo-A-Day X

Well, it’s apparent I did not fully think the whole ALPHABET photo prompt thing all the way through. X – Y – Z REALLY?! What the HECK do I have that starts with an X?! APPARENTLY I have NOTHING!! I looked. I went to the dictionary for something I may have…….. Instead I give you […]

What Small Business Owners Want

If you had one wish as a small business owner, what would it be? Reduced tax rates? A way of combating late payments? A study conducted by Bibby Financial Services has revealed that most SMEs in the UK want a simplified payroll system. There were other significant findings from the study. Approximately 20 per cent […]

May 23rd Photo-A-Day W

Our hike today provided no antlers. However, I did find a small spool of rusted wire. I know; you are wondering the same thing I am. WHY on earth did I bring it home?? I dunno. In the back of my mind I see a craft project that would require a rustic, rusted spool of […]

A Few Things to Know before You Start up Your First Small Business

Image via Pixabay Starting up your first small business is always likely to be pretty stressful, more than a bit confusing, and difficult in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, everyone needs to start somewhere, and these days more and more people – of all ages – are taking advantage of the virtually limitless opportunities offered […]