5 Ways Your Life Will Be Easier When You Hire A Pest Control Service!

A commercial pest control company not only provides extermination services, but education and prevention. The number of pests that could potentially infest your home is quite long, when you include all the different species of ants, roaches and wildlife. Taking care of some of these pests can be time consuming and frustrating. A commercial pest control company provides services that protect your home and health. Here are five ways that your life will be easier when you have pest control services:

  1. Protect your health by reducing your exposure to germs and bacteria.

Cockroaches carry salmonella and other bacteria that cause serious illnesses. They can also exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. Bees, although a very useful insect in agriculture, can cause dangerous allergic reactions. Raccoons, mice and rats carry disease. A professional pest control service not only works to exterminate infestations but proactively prevents pests from breaking through barriers.

  1. Correct identification of pests.

To laypeople, all cockroaches look pretty identical. The German cockroach is resistant to some chemicals, making DIY efforts futile if you haven’t properly identified the pest. Professionals maximize the effectiveness of treatment through correct identification.

  1. Less impact on the environment.

Chemical extermination may not be required for every pest. When you try to DIY pest control, you may use too much pesticide or have to reapply a pesticide. Professional pest control services are often provided to minimize the impact the chemicals have on the environment. Professionals are often more effective at locating the source of an infestation, taking care of the bigger problem to avoid re-infestation.

  1. Protect your home.

By getting quick and effective results of wildlife control services from a professional, it minimizes the impact on your home. Pests multiply much quicker than many people realize. A small infestation this month could become much larger in just a couple of months, causing more damage needing repairs.

  1. Reducing your costs.

Purchasing DIY equipment and pesticides isn’t cheap. You may spend more trying to take care of the problem and making repairs than if you just brought in a professional pest control service. By having regular inspections of your property and proactively treating your home, you can remain pest-free all year long.

Dealing with pests can be time-consuming and hazardous to your health. Enroll a pest control service on your side and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your home, your biggest investment, is protected all year long from pests.

Two-of-A-Kind: Perfect Gifts for Twins!!

Any parent of twins (or indeed just two small children of similar ages) will know that once they discover jealousy and begin to snatch at whatever the other has, your days of buying one of anything for the next decade are gone. Children seem to have an instinctive aversion to sharing, and sibling rivalry intensifies this to explosive levels.

To ease the stresses of gifting, we’ve put together this list to lend a helping hand to parents or friends and family of identical tykes. Read on if you just want to give gifts that inspire peaceful playtime, so you can enjoy a relaxing birthday/Christmas/occasion, minus tears and tantrums over who should have the coveted blue dress over the ‘horrible’ yellow one…

Stuffed Animals

An obvious but fail-safe and cute gift. Find out the kids’ favorite animal (bunnies and puppies are always good) or go for a classic teddy. Get them in fluffy or toweling material, and for an extra touch, get them initialed for each twin’s name. Alternatively, give the animals name tags so that the twins can name their toy themselves.

Personalized Bracelets

Best friend bracelets are a sweet gift for sisters who are also BFFs. There are plenty of lovely pre-made ones you can buy, like the classic two-halves-of-a-heart we all recognize from our own childhoods, or you can give the gift of a DIY set that the children can make themselves.

‘Mini Me’ Dolls

Internet sellers on Etsy or who advertise through Pinterest can make personalized dolls that look just like the birthday girls (or boys). Commission a doll with the right hair color and style, eye color and skin tone for a ‘mini me’ doll for each child that the kids will adore.

Woolly Hats

Matching woolly hats with a cute bobble for each child is a sweet gift that will be useful for wrapping them up in winter.

Bowl & Cutlery Sets

As twins grow older, they will love their own eating sets personal to them – stick to the same sets but either initialed or different colors (if you dare). The process of teaching kids to eat for themselves is chaotic and quite often very stressful for parents, who face an uphill battle to get their precious bundles to eat their greens.

Competitive siblings will either act on being the best-behaved twin or will encourage each other to rebel against chowing down at dinnertime… Either way, their parents will love receiving matching dinner sets for their first messy meals!

Tents & Tepees

Remember making ‘dens’ out of sheets, blankets and cushions as a child? Well, nothing’s changed in the last 30+ years. Kids still LOVE play areas. They’re just lucky enough to be able to be gifted ready-made ones these days.

Pop-up castle tents complete with spires and flags, or linen patterned tipis make lovely gifts for kids’ play rooms that they’ll spend hours playing in with their siblings and friends. Make sure you get one each!

Art Supplies

Inspire children’s natural imagination and creativity by gifting them art supplies on special occasions. Easels and paint sets are great (plus aprons to minimize ruined clothing) or go safe with play-dough.

Funny T-shirts

Forget matching attire which overlooks the individuality of twins. There are humorous t-shirts on offer from sellers via Pinterest that can be personalized to the twins in your life. To tell identical twins apart, go for same-but-different ‘checklist’ t-shirts. They feature both children’s names with a tick next to the corresponding sibling’s name… Just make sure you dress them in the right one!

Bedroom Wall Decals

Check this one with the parents first – wall decals will need to be approved for use before buying! Order big stickers for each child’s name to go above their beds in their room(s) or on their bedroom door. Twins will love the personalization of their own space, especially if they’re used to sharing everything with their sibling.

Tips for Maintaining a Happy, Healthy Family on a Budget

You care about your family and you care about their health, so why not do something about it? As a parent, you have the full control to impact the lives of your entire family. Whether it is about losing weight or just staying healthy and ensuring your family stays well, it is important to take care of your family in that way.

As the years go by, it’s easy to lose sight of what we are feeding our family and how many activities we are actually doing with them. Not to mention, the flu season comes around every year, and the more we forget to help improve our family’s health, the more vulnerable they are to catching a virus.

We understand many families are doing what it takes to get by and that staying healthy is not always cheap! However, now is a good time as any to start changing your old habits! Learn how to get your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget:

  1. Promote Drinking Lots of Water and Healthy Habits

Drinking water has always been the number one ingredient to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Water is the most beneficial thing for our bodies and can improve many aspects of our health. In addition, water is cheap!

water glasses

The average person should be drinking 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Make it a goal for your family to start increasing their daily water intake, whether that involves labeling bottles, or buying a new filter to make the water taste more appealing to the kids.

Keeping up healthy habits can also include supplying your family—especially if you have adolescents—with the best blackhead masks reviewed on Pure Path Essential Oils and skincare supplies. Your skin isn’t the only one that needs to stay healthy!

Healthy habits can also start with a great night’s rest. If you or your family members suffer from poor sleep, consider getting a better sleep with a Nectar mattress. It’s more of an investment upfront—which might make your budget cringe—but it will support better sleep, improved overall health, and prevent the costs of treating back pain and sleepless later down the line.

  1. Get Creative with Snacks

While keeping things money conscious, instead of throwing out all your food and going back to the grocery store to buy all new food, just get creative with what you have!
Apple  PeanutbutterCut apple slices and cover them with peanut butter or honey, use those old rice cakes and slab some almond butter on top. There are so many ways you can make healthy snacks with things you already have in your home.

On the other hand, when you do go grocery shopping in the future, make sure to do the same thing. Purchase affordable yet healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, and products that don’t contain any hydrogenated oils and corn syrups. It is much easier than you might think, and not all healthy snacks are expensive! You just have to get creative when you are planning your kids’ lunches.

  1. Get them to Go Outside More Often

If you are having a hard time getting your family to eat differently, increase their amount of time being active. Maybe you decide to take a family bike ride, or go on a hike or camping trip!

Anything that will get your family outside and moving around is healthy for their bodies. You can even make weekend traditions where your family goes to rec centers or parks to burn some calories outside! So get ready, get your family outfitted in outdoor gear from Montem, and get ready to go on a family adventure!

  1. Control What Comes into Your Home

The most important rule of thumb when you are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle for your family is to control what everyone is bringing into the house.

You have the ability to stop your kids or spouse from bringing in junk food or candy into the house. Your job is to ensure that the house stays clean of harmful foods such as soda, candy, and other unhealthy snacks. Most kids come home from school activities or a friend’s house with treats without you even realizing it, so maybe make it a habit to have each person keep all food and water out of their rooms. Make it a rule that if anyone wants a snack, they have to eat it out in the kitchen.

If you have teenagers, this also means checking for drugs or alcohol. It’s no secret that drug abuse is rampant with today’s youth. Make sure you no the signs for substance abuse, and if you discover it’s something your teen is struggling with, cut that problem off at the root by sending them to the best drug and alcohol detox center in Florida or wherever you may be. It might seem like a costly solution at first, but it will save their lives, protect their health, and ultimately save you the heartache and costs of recovery programs years down the line. You can also help your teen at home by getting them Kratom for withdrawal relief. What is Kratom? It’s a natural, plant-based medicine. You can find out more about Kratom here. And while you’re at it, to maintain a happy and healthy home, you may want to talk to your teen about STD testing. These are uncomfortable questions, but all of it will ultimately help to keep your family safe, happy, and healthy. Preventative action and early measures can truly protect you on a budget.

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