COMET TV December GIVEAWAY: Tank Girl Exclusive Swag!

It’s December, the time when you think of a roaring fire, dinners with friends, great Christmas movies like…. Tank Girl! Wait? What? Leave it to Comet TV to keep us from getting too sentimental around the Holidays!!

This month COMET TV has some of the cult-iest movies of all time. Earth Girls Are Easy, Tank Girl, Leviathan!! Or some of my favorites like Attack of the Puppet People, Dolls and more, plus the Martian Holiday Movie Marathon!

This holiday season, prepare to head to another world. If you say that in an ominous inner voice, it sounds awesome!

The COMET TV December Prize Pack has:

1 – Limited Edition Tank Girl x COMET TV T-shirt: “Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it.” …. Lock and load with this exclusive Tank Girl goggle-eye tee and get ready to break necks next time you’re stocking up on ammo.

1 – Tank Girl 4″x9″ UV Print: SPLOSH, BAM! If you’re a true Tank Girl fan like we are, you couldn’t get enough of the film’s animated sequences. We’re paying homage with two variant UV prints pulled right from the film and custom made for this kit.

1- Stargate Atlantis x COMET TV SnowGlobe: Tis the season to be Stargate! Bring home the bubble city trapped in this limited edition SnowGlobe… where else are you gonna snag this?

1 – COMET TV Collectable Card: You’ll get one of two collectable COMET TV cards featuring Earth Girls Are Easy & Tank Girl.


Tank Girl (1995)
Want to warm up this holiday season? Take a trip to the year 2033, where cold isn’t an issue but an apocalyptic lack of water is. Starring Lori Petty as the titular hero, and Malcolm McDowell as the villainous Kesslee, Tank Girl is an action-packed adventure that’s so explosive you might just end up putting jetpacks at the top of your holiday gift list.

Friday, December 29 at 8P/7C
Saturday, December 30 at 8P/7C

Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)
If you thought Jeff Goldblum was charming in human form, just wait until you see him when he’s an alien. Also starring Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans, ‘Earth Girls are Easy’ sees a trio of aliens crash land on Earth and take the California dating scene by storm. Even the hardest to please Valley girl is no match for the charms of these furry Cassanovas.

Friday, December 15 at 8P/7C
Saturday, December 16 at 8P/7C
Saturday, December 30 at 6P/5C


Martian Holiday Movie Marathon
Sunday, December 25 starting at NOON/11C

Mars Needs Women (1968)
Starting at NOON/11C

The Angry Red Planet (1960)
Starting at 2P/1C

Queen of Blood (1966)
Starting at 4P/3C

Red Planet Mars (1952)
Starting at 6P/5C

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)
Starting at 8P/7C



Friday Primetime Movie 8P/7C
Saturday Encore Presentation 8P/7C

Leviathan (1989)
Friday, December 8 at 8P/7C

Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)
Friday, December 15 at 8P/7C

Supernova (2000)
Friday, December 22 at 8P/7C

Tank Girl (1995)
Friday, December 29 at 8P/7C


December Weekly Themes
Airing weekdays at 4P/3C throughout December, check schedule at

Haunted House Movies (12/4 – 12/8)
Vincent Price Movies (12/11 – 12/15)
Creature Features (12/18 – 12/22)
Cult Sci-fi Movies (12/26 – 12/29)


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Tank Girl Sway!! Sweeetttt!! Good Luck!!

Thank you Comet TV for supplying this prize pack. The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year, right?  As a Mom,  one of the most obvious indicators of  this glorious season is the lights? The tree? The ambiance? No,   not even close. It is the …….germs. The sniffles, the sneezes, the fevers, the sour stomach.  It spreads like wild fire and man oh man, no thank you. Before essential oils it was something that we just sat and waited for. Watching, waiting.
Enter Young Living. Enter THIEVES essential oil blend. This intoxicating oil blend is a combination of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary.
But what makes is so freaking fabulous? The story of the thieves oil blend comes from the 15th century. In case your math skills are not common core specific…..that is a long time ago.  Like, a really long time ago. So…those thieves (stay with me here, the people…not the oil)… They  used this blend on themselves as a form of protection  during the plague. They used it to protect themselves while pilfering the dead and  dying. I mean, how is that for a bedtime story? the bottom line, it that it worked. And my friends, it still works today.
It works better than most synthetics in the store and it isn’t harmful to you skin, you children, or your fur babies!
My daughters and I have a roller (an oil mixture) recipe that we apply every day before school. We have Thieves foaming hand soap, waterless hand purifier, spray, basically all the things.
Using oils is not a quick fix to get better. It has become a  lifestyle that allows us to raise our overall baseline and have fewer sick days, doctor’s visits, and tummy troubles.
If you want to know more about this savior of an oil…..comment below or email me at Jamie and I would love to send you and your family some samples. I believe in it that much that I offer it to everyone I meet. We really couldn’t do life without our trust oil companions. And given the chance, I don’t think you would either!

Tips For Turning a Sunroom Into a Playroom!!

Finding an area in our homes to be a playroom can be a tall order, but also can feel necessary. You don’t want your kid’s toys, games and craft supplies to crowd the rest of your home, and having a dedicated space to keep all of this can reduce clutter and make cleanup easier.

With that being said, most people don’t have a lot of extra square footage to dedicate to a playroom, but if you have a sunroom, it can be a good fit.

Sunrooms aren’t usually used all that often, and they can be a bright, fun place for kids to play. Plus, they often have tile floors that are easy to clean up if there’s a spill.

Start out by adding some vertical blinds or quality window coverings, which will help control the amount of light in the room throughout the day, and also help manage the temperature. From there, the following are some design tips for a playroom in your sunroom.

Storage and Organization

First and foremost, with any new playroom design project, having adequate storage and organization is important. You can create your own window seat with cube storage shelves.
Choose two cube storage units that can be vertical, and then one (usually with only one row of cubes) that you can place horizontally. Place the single unit between the two vertical ones, and you have a seating area, plus lots of extra storage. You can add a cushion or some throw pillows to make it look even more like a window seat.

You can also use baskets on the floor for additional storage because they look great in a sunroom, and they’re easy for kids to put their toys away in.

Soft Rugs

Sunrooms often have hard floors, and more often than not they’re tile. You want to warm it up for your kids and give them a soft place to play, so consider some plush rugs.

Shag rugs tend to work well, or you could do a natural fiber like a jute rug, and layer it with something softer on top for something chic but also functional.

Chalk Board Wall

Chalkboard walls are a big hit in playrooms, so you can add one in a sunroom as well.

This way, your kids can feel like they get to be creative and even draw on the walls, and you won’t mind.


Finally, sunrooms obviously get a lot of light, so they’re a good place to add some plants or greenery, and your kids (depending on their age), can take on this greenery as their own project.

One idea that can be particularly fun is a living wall. You can create a pocket system where you grow herbs or other small plants vertically. Your kids can learn to take responsibility for taking care of their indoor hanging garden, and it adds color and an organic element to your playroom design.

Finally, if your kids are going to be using the playroom as a way to do crafts, hang some string or twine along the wall with some clips that they can use as a place for everything to dry.

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