April 25th Photo-A-Day POP

Sooooo many ideas ran through my head when I saw this prompt. Pop as in The Husband who goes by PopPop to Alice. POP as in a balloon and yesterday back and forth with my sister. If you aren’t on Instagram it went like this: I sent this picture of a hole in the ground […]

April 24th Photo-A-Day GREEN

Oh I know what you are thinking, my GREEN prompt will be walking outside and snapping pictures of all the amazing greenery that surrounds our house. Nope! I could just stand pack and snap a picture of the house itself! Nope! Too easy. Not unique enough. Oh I could snap a picture of the GREEN […]

Making The Most Of Social Media Ads

While posting on social media can be a great way to promote your business, without organic reach, there’s only so far they can go. Paid ads take your social media posts to the next level and can help you reach a wide audience, even if your following is low. From being able to target specific […]

April 23rd Photo-A-Day MOTIVATION

I shouldn’t have bragged about my long streak of photos because today I HAVE zip, zero, nadda in the way of Motivation. Hopefully, I will find mine……….. but not in this particular way!

April 22nd Photo-A-Day STUCK

So, my very own Photo-A-Day challenge is going really well (if I don’t mind saying so myself AND I DON’T!) This is day number 53. That’s impressive at least to me it is!! Today my prompt is STUCK. Not that my car is stuck. The roads are drying out so I’m not STUCK at home, […]