2017 My First Trip To #CES #CES2017

When people say that CES is the largest Consumer Electronic Show in the world they mean IT IS THE LARGEST, most immense, huge, mind-blowing, massive, colossal, gargantuan, monumental;, WOW!! GET your WALKING shoes on show ever. EVER!! E-V-E-R!! I had no idea what to expect when I was offered the chance to go and represent Zmodo at CES. As a matter of fact, I originally turned down the offer; then my son Zachary asked me if I had lost my mind!! So, Mother and Son road trip was decided.  I’m still in awe at the sheer magnitude of this show. Take it from me, if offered GO! GO! GO!! Unless of course you hate crowds then run, run, run the other way because there are more people in one spot than I’ve ever seen before!! With 2.6 million square feet of consumer products spanning several different hotels AND the Las Vegas Convention Center. This was the 50th year for CES.

CES 2017 showcased the connected future of technology. With more than 3,800 exhibiting companies and exhibit space of more than 2.6 million net square feet, CES 2017 was a record-breaker, welcoming the world’s biggest companies in addition to hosting more than 600 startups at the Eureka Park Marketplace. More than 175,000 industry professionals, including 55,000 from outside the U.S., convened in Las Vegas to drive the ever-evolving global technology industry forward.

So, in all that madness here are some of my hints and tips for next year; as well as some of my favorite moments and products!

Let me start with the basics! Shoes!! HOLY COW!!! Day 1 was fairly easy because I stayed close to the Zmodo booth. Day 2 however, had me just a 100 steps away from 8 full miles!! Note to self: Break in better shoes for next year. MAJOR TIP!! Don’t forget to pack blister packs for your feet.  All 6 blisters on my feet were very happy that I had those for day 3. A day which I still managed to walk a full 6.5 miles. MILES people!! MILES!!!

Hint number two. Extra batteries! FOR EVERYTHING! OR!! Better yet The 8000mah POWER BANK from M-EDGE. A super sleek and ultra-portable backup charger! This power bank allowed me to snap pictures, text, call and check emails for three days! I gave this little guy a work out and it kept up.  With the power cord directly attached to the power bank this little guy was handy to use and tote around in my back pocket! The bank is just slightly larger than my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. So, between the size and power of the bank  I couldn’t have managed to keep up for 3 days. Absolutely awesome because I needed my phone  what with the Man Child constantly wandering off!! (Coulda been me but…. let’s not dwell on blame.) I really couldn’t have done as much without this handy power bank!

My advice is watch for the EDGE name!! They have an amazing array of products including BAGS and backpacks that have built in chargers!!!  Check this bag out!! Great colors, lots of room and built in power!

There were tons of booths that created 3D items toys to a full 3D CAR!!! Yes, this car is 3D!!

Another favorite booth? How about 3D PANCAKES!!! This is the 3D MagicPan. Yes, a real smell delicious, tastes amazing PANCAKE!!! How cute are these pancakes! Seriously, how cool of a NaNa would I be if I owned the 3D MagicPan?? I even had the opportunity to meet the two inventors of this machine.

Another booth I fell in love with is the pai technology booth. Check out the Cube-Tastic! This little guy is awesome! Not just a puzzle cube but one that with the help of the free download app teaches you to solve the puzzle!!  The Cube is SO much fun.  Earn trophies from beginner to savant.  Needless to say; I am still on the beginner level. You would think being able to follow a program on the iPad would be simple as pie. It is NOT. It takes a lot of concentration even at the beginner level. 
Don’t be too scared but we’ve only just begun with amazing items!! However, I’m done for today. Hey! I heard that whew!

Jobs You Should Hire a Contractor to Perform!

There are going to be some things in your home that you will eventually need to repair or replace if you live there long enough. Knowing the best ways to go about making these home improvements will allow you to save a lot of money in the long run. You might be able to do some smaller jobs by yourself. However, it is always better to leave the more complicated projects to the pros. Hiring a contractor to be in charge of your home renovation or remodeling project will be a wise investment. A contractor will ensure that the job is done right the first time with no mistakes being made. Here are a few examples of jobs around your home that deserve the attention of a professional contractor.

1. Building an addition to your home

It goes without saying that this is a major construction project that is going to have a lot of moving parts. There will be a wide variety of equipment and building materials that will be needed for a job of this magnitude. Your contractor will make sure that all of those things are on the job site at the time that the construction is scheduled to begin. He will also take care of all the building permits that are necessary for your particular home addition. This gives you fewer things to concern yourself with.

2. Having new siding installed on the outside of your home

There are many advantages to having siding installed. First of all, it will dramatically improve the appearance of your home and make it look much newer. This will help if you are going to be selling your home at some point in the future. It will also significantly raise the value of your home. You should talk to some exterior siding contractors who work in your area to find out how much they will charge for the job you have in mind. A contractor will make sure the siding is attached to your home properly so it will not fall off in high winds.

3. Building a wood deck

Obviously, a deck that is not built by a skilled contractor could be a major safety concern. It might collapse if it is not put together correctly. A contractor will make sure your new deck is stable and safe for your family to walk on.

Bob Vila Signature Series Giveaway

Bob Vila Signature Series Giveaway

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Holiday Contest and Sweeps and twenty three fellow co-host blogs are honored to bring you the Bob Vila Signatures Series Giveaway from Viatek Consumer Products. Bob Vila is world know as the host from This Old House, bring us restoration skills that we all can use on our on homes. Bob Vila has starred in other similar shows and has written a plethora of books, becoming America;s go-to home restoration expert. Bob has teamed up with Viatek to bring us a amazing line of tools to help you in your every day projects. Let’s take a look at two amazing products that one lucky reader whom lives the Continental United States and is 18+ years of age will win.

The Bob Vila Signature Series Workman’s Tool Bag is made to last with canvas and leather. The bag has plenty of pockets for all your on-the-go tools, both inside and out!


Canvas bag with leather reinforcements
Multiple pockets on exterior and interior
Bob Vila Signature Series Logo embroidered on canvas
Classic look made tough
Great gift item

The Bob Vila Signature Series Workman’s Apron is a durable and comfortable work apron. It is made to last with waxed canvas, leather and brass rivets. The straps are designed to give you maximum comfort, crossing behind the shoulders rather than hanging on your neck. This helps keep the apron in place and your neck & back straight, even when carrying heavy objects in the pockets. The apron includes two slim pockets (perfect for pencils, pens and other slim tools or parts), one small chest pocket, two large waist pockets and a small leather waist pocket. Whether you’re an experienced handyman or just enjoy cooking on the grill, this is a great apron that will help protect your skin and keep your clothes clean, while still providing plenty of storage for all your tools and equipment!

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