My Asylum Members

After I received a text from my younger sister asking if I’m having an affair, because I kept referring to someone with the initials DH and my husbands initials are RG.  I thought I should take the opportunity to share the cast of inmates in my own private Insane Asylum. So here they are, the cast of characters you will read about on Peanut Butter and Whine!!

Let’s start with DH, Dear Husband, RH Rotten Husband is my dear HUSBANDRandy. (occasionally AH, and so on……) mostly known as The Husband.Wedding16

Selena is our oldest child. Selena, is in law enforcement with the coolest job ever!  Dan is a brilliant numbers guy; accountant extraordinaire.  They are parents to 4 year old Alice.

Lael is our middle child. She’s crazy fit Yoga instructor, extremely talented artist and awesome mom to our grandbabies 7 year old Emma and 5 year old Eli.
Zachary is the baby of the family. Zachary is a WONDERFUL uncle and such a good son!! BTW ladies…. Zac’s single! Write me… I’ll fix ya up!! I got connections!!  Zac builds motorcycles, installs stereo’s and works on hot rods!  Not to rp_Zac1.jpgmention incredibly handsome!!  Zachary is my stereo and technical reviewer.
GG is my Mom, she lives with us. GG’s nick name came about before I even was even out of GRADE SCHOOL!!!  I still believed that boys had cooties!! (Which Emma and Alice… they DO!! Gross ones!!) My Mom and my Aunt Joanne decided that they would be Glamours Grandmothers…. and the GG has stuck for them both. My Mom is also my editor. So when I misspell something blame her… she missed it!

Then there’s me, my name is Connie, Mom, MAMAAAA, Nonnie, NaNa, Sweetheart, Parental Unit and Hag. (And my children better leave the rest OUT!!)  I am the Princess of the Asylum. I run the place.  I babysit Baby Alice full time and occasionally Emma and Eli too…….I’ll babysit as long as I can keep convincing Dan that Alice won’t learn ALL my bad habits… I really am harmless…….. and perfectly sane! (HONEST!!)  Baby Alice will be FINE, well adjusted and happy!!  Yes, I occasionally teach weird stuff…. but someone has too!!  It might as well be ME!! Trust me! I’m a grandma!!

And of course Gracie!!  Our beautiful English Lab.  Smartest dog ever!!!


OHHHHHH WAIT….. there’s also MORITY!!!! He is part of our asylum!!!!! LOL damn I’m a funny girl!!

I just want to make a note…. to my dear sister Lea… WOULD I BLOG about an AFFAIR?!?!? Have you lost your mind?!?! Texas has burnt your brain!! It’s time to move home!


  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    What a beautiful family. It is so nice that you shared this with us. God Bless

  2. You’ve got a great family and a great sense of humor! I love it!

  3. I would say that you have a cool and well balanced family. May you always have good times in great health.

  4. Such a nice and happy family.

  5. I attended school and graduated with Connie. You are so clever and I love reading all your posts and reviews. Keep up the great work. You are a riot.

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