Hair Care From Playa!! California Beach Hair Without The Work!!!

Here comes another one of those TMI posts. Yup the ol’ too much information post. Seriously, what don’t I tell you people?!

One of my obsessions? Maybe obsession isn’t the right word more like obsessive compulsive neurotic tics is my hair. OH MY GOSH. My hair. My daughter Selena is beyond tired of hearing “Maybe I should…” followed by a never-ending list from let it go gray, color it red, bleach it blonde, grow it out, shave it off. I can NOT make UP my MIND!!! I don’t KNOW what I want!! All I have to say is; I thank the Lord above for my best friend Deb. Not just my best friend, but my hairdresser too!

Yes, Deb is a real hairdresser, not just a Mom with a bar-stool in her kitchen, a Flowbee in her hand and tossing a left over Halloween cape over my clothes. She is a real, honest-to-goodness (absolutely brilliant I might add) beautician. Licensed and everything! It’s even framed on the wall.

So all that lead in is for a new product that I am reviewing. It’s Beach hair products!


Playa, a California beach inspired hair care line. As a former NYC fashion stylist turned Venice based surfer & herbalist, the intention with Playais to create a haircare line for easy, carefree style using streamlined, non toxic products.

Ohhh beach hair; how I love you!!  Since I live in Southern California….. I live near the beach…. we GO to the Beach… I immediately took this as a sign that I need to change-up my hairstyle (again). Maybe blonde, maybe dark brown or maybe just ………. DEB!!

I headed to Deb’s with my Playa products (Which by the way have even been featured in Vogue Magazine!! We decided that a short and sassy cut was in order and maybe a deep reddish-brown. So off came the deep color and a beautiful rich brown with reddish undertones was added. Then a cute cut for beachy-like waves.Playa Hair fun

The first step is bleaching or giving me horns…. ummm hummm…..

Of course being me, I sent the bright Bozo The Clown Playa Hair reddish-orange picture off to the entire family asking for opinions. Not a single one of them bit.  Yes, once again I believe that I am a very funny girl!

What I ended up with is a gorgeous rich brown with reddish undertones.

Seriously, how beautiful is this color?!

I promise a better picture coming ASAP!! Right now I have an eye infection that well……. it’s best to just say a better picture coming soon.

I use my Playa products starting with Endless Summer Spray. A sea salt spray that gives me that “I just woke up like this” messy hair.  I adore this spray. It’s lightweight and has great hold!

Deb gives this one a double thumbs up as well.

Made with sea salt harvested in Southern California, this formula gives you the perfectly tousled hair texture you usually only get after a day at the beach or out on a board. Our proprietary Marine Collagen Complex nourishes strands to add fullness and shine; natural UV filters shield hair and scalp from harmful rays. Your hair is protected and looks effortlessly un-done.

When I want a more polished look I use one or two DROPS (yes, only drops!) of Ritual Hair Oil Deb couldn’t believe that such a small amount could make such a huge difference in smoothness! Even though I have very fine hair this oil doesn’t weigh it down, my curls still hold and the shine that Ritual Hair Oil gives hair is phenomenal.  Drops!!  Once a week I apply 20 or so drops to my hair before bed then wash in the morning. WOW! Talk about a product that can undo the hot iron damage over night! My hair is wonderfully shiny and soft the next day. BTW, this smells soooooooo good!!!

This weightless blend of natural oils penetrates deeply to radically transform your hair without the use of harmful silicones. Apricot, kukui, and our proprietary derived coconut oil blend restores moisture to soften strands; sunflower oil tames frizz and makes hair shine. Your daily ritual for smooth and radiant hair.

Last but not least is Playa’s Pure Dry Shampoo. This one is a life saver okay, a day saver! No time to shower because I may have hit the snooze button once or 6 times and have to rush out the door. Pure Dry Shampoo gives me body, shine and a full revitalized style without having to use the hot iron. Just spray about 6″ from the scalp focusing on the roots, you won’t see any build up, no white powder, or residue. Work product in with your fingers, shake your head and my cute little pixie cut is ready for the day.

This rare blend of botanicals and minerals refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly—no shower required. Rose powder invisibly absorbs excess oil at the roots while keeping hair soft; star anise extract treats scalp and eliminates impurities. Breathe body and life back into your hair naturally, whenever you’d like.Playa Products


These are amazing products!  They smell great, they don’t weigh hair down.  When a hairdresser with 20 some years under her belt is impressed you know these are great products.  So, take it from my hairdresser Deb AND my shiny, fun beach style hair you can’t go wrong with Playa Products!!

You can grab Playa Products at Violet Grey Studios in Los Angles or on line at

Now, if you’re looking for the sassy cut and fun color and you live in Vista, Oceanside area…….send me a note, I’ll hook ya up with Deb!

Disclosure: I received a free or greatly discounted product for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Questions or concerns please contact me at

Old habits

Originally posted 2009-07-29 05:22:00.

When it rains it pours! Today was one bad phone call after another!!! (Watch out I’m about to let loose with some major whining!) My son has to find a new house to rent buy August 15th. My mother’s mobile home just won’t sell and now the realtor wants it painted and new carpet (we can’t afford either!) My oldest daughter has to go back in for more foot surgery. My younger daughter and her husband along with my PERFECT granddaughterwill be arriving later this week for a short visit. I’m stressing about the logistics of getting to spend time with them. (Haug Optometry is a small office. We already have one person on vacation. A second person out is wellllllll…… scary). What the HECK!??!! Everyone has to dump this on me on the SAME DAY!?!?!?! So, the logical thing to do?? Eat. Because of COURSE that’s where the solution is?!?!! HAVE I LEARNED ANYTHING in the last 4 weeks???!!??!? YES! I have!! I did stop plowing through food before things got too out of hand. Then I sat down and wrote out my stresses instead of eating more. I may not have any solutions but at least I got it all off my chest instead of keeping it bottled up.

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