Pentel Sign Pen Brush From Shoplet Review

Hanging out with 5-year-old Alice during the week I’ve learned that if I want five minutes of quiet time I HAVE to have something for her to do. Something creative is very important because it will hold her attention for longer periods of time. Seriously, I thought my daughter Selena at five could talk a lot; I was wrong!! Alice can out chat “chatty-Cathy” “chatty Selena” any day. (Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…. it runs in the family, the nuts don’t fall from the tree…. yadda yadda ya…..but that’s completely irrelevant to the story!)

Alice loves painting! Painting is messy so we only do it very seldom.  Not anymore!! Thank you Pentel Sign Pen Brush, Marker Pens. These pens are water-color pens but without the mess!! OH YEAH BABY!!

The Pentel Sign Pens have a flexible point tip that resembles a brush one that HOLDS it’s shape. 5-year-old’s are especially tough on pens and paint brushes and after a week of use the tips are still in perfect shape. The color is great! The fine tip makes a clean, sharp line.  Coloring in small areas is super easy (Yes, we do use them for coloring pages too) To work with the pens like water colors you can either dip tip in water or add water to the paper. I also received a water brush which is awesome for blending the colors or making the colors softer with true water-color look to your creation.

The brush tips don’t dry out even when the cap accidentally gets left off.

There are 12 colors included in the set. Light Brown, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Purple, Light Sky Blue, Orange, Pink.  Add water and mix colors for endless colors!

I’ve said it a million times! Shoplet proves again they have everything from art supplies to office supplies. Whether you are grabbing supplies for students,  a home office, blog or business. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for Shoplet has it!!

Always start at Shoplet for your ♥ Office Supplies ♥ Cleaning Supplies ♥ Medical Supplies ♥ Office Furniture ♥ Pentel ♥  you won’t be sorry!!

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Not a single whine here! ADDED bonus? Alice quietly created art-work for 45 minutes! It was heaven!!

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How to Reduce Unwanted Calls During the Day

It happens to all of us. We hear our phone ringing from across the house and frantically rush to answer it, only to find it’s a robo-call. You hang up, but your blood pressure is elevated, and you’re annoyed.

And the next time the phone rings, you do it again.

While missing important calls can make you feel panicky, fielding unwanted calls during the day can be more aggravating. However, we have several tools available to us to help manage calls. Follow the tips below to help you decrease the number of unwanted calls and keep them from disturbing you.

Turn On Do-Not-Disturb Mode

Image via Flickr by photoloni

Many phones have a setting that allows you to work uninterrupted from phone calls and notifications. Don’t feel you have to save this special weapon only for important meetings or circumstances. Use it when you need a digital break or at times when you would rather not be interrupted by phone calls.

If you know there are certain times of the day when you tend to receive unwanted calls, be sure to turn on the do-not-disturb mode so that you won’t be bothered. Check your phone settings for how to turn this feature on — it’s usually found in the phone’s volume menu.

Don’t Answer Unknown Numbers

Ignoring unwanted or unfamiliar calls is the best way to get them to stop. Once you answer a robo-call or telemarketing call, you’ve now confirmed that your number is operational, opening yourself up to receiving many more calls in the future.

A good rule of thumb to use is whether a caller leaves a voicemail. Someone who wants to speak with you will leave you a message; solicitors won’t. Even if you happen to miss a call you needed to answer, calling back after checking your voicemail is simple.

If a caller doesn’t leave a message, but you aren’t sure if the number was from a true caller, you can always try blocking your number and calling back a questionable phone number. This way, you can confirm the legitimacy of the call without revealing your contact information.

Request Emails or Texts from Contacts

Another tactic to decrease the overall number of calls you receive is to request emails or text messages instead. Receiving messages through email or text allows you to control when and how you respond. Unlike phone calls, email and texts allow you to more easily manage your workload and juggle demanding tasks.

Register Your Number on the National Do Not Call Registry

If you haven’t already, add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. This process allows you to add your number to a federal database, essentially making your number off-limits for telemarketing calls. While you still may receive other types of solicitation or market research calls, this one step can reduce unwanted calls.

If you’re still receiving unwanted calls from a particular number after you’ve been on the registry for at least 30 days, you can simply report potential violations of the policy to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by submitting your complaint online.

Block Unwanted Numbers

Once you’ve identified an unwanted number, take a few moments to block it from your phone. The process will vary depending on your phone make and model. In most cases, if you press your finger on the number in your calling app, you’ll pull up a menu that includes adding that number to a blocked list.

Keep Your Number Private

Countless stores, loyalty programs, social media sites, and apps ask for your phone number. Resist giving it out. Keep your phone number off your social media profiles and don’t give it out to stores or in web forms. If you don’t circulate your number, telemarketers will have a more difficult time targeting you.

Managing unwanted calls is frustrating even in the best of circumstances. However, you can easily take back control of your phone and your time with a few easy steps. Not only can you decrease the number of calls you receive, but you can also keep calls from interrupting you throughout the day.


Healthy Home: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Household Products

Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that are dangerous to consumers and that can harm the environment. They pose consumer risks, such as birth defects, respiratory irritation, fertility issues, cancer, and hormone disruption. They are also bad for the environment and can cause water contamination and air pollution. Surprisingly, these harmful chemicals sometimes do not even appear on the product packaging. There is simply a warning to call poison control if the product is ingested. This is a major problem for families that want to create a safe environment for their families.

Make sure that you are conscious of the products you bring into your home and only choose laundry detergents, spray cleaners, air fresheners, and other cleaning products that you know are safe for you and your family to be around. If you don’t know where to start, turn to Amway and its extensive line of household products. The company is dedicated to healthy living and sustainability and offers several products that are environmentally friendly. In 1959, Amway found success by selling its first product, a biodegradable cleaner. Its products have expanded significantly since that time, but Amway’s commitment to environmental health has stayed the same.

The majority of Americans care about the earth and want to take care of it. That’s why there has been a large movement towards alternative fuels and environmentally friendly products. Amway is just one of many companies that try to help people live more eco-friendly lives. If you want to do your part, too, take a look at the following infographic. It provides some easy tips you can implement into your life to change your impact on the environment. Educate yourself and your family.

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