Could Your Business Survive A Cyber Attack?

Every business gathers personal data. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader or multinational company you will store information about the people using your business in some form or another. This data is sensitive in nature and needs to be protected. The personal data from individuals has the potential to be used in […]

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Reebok Aztrek!! You Gotta See THESE Shoes!!

It’s finally back! Aztrek has been re-released for the first time. This immortal 90’s runner’s unhindered asymmetrial designs and bold rugged outside is fully equipped to carve a new path. Highlighting the Aztrek’s original colorways and material makeup, this shoe leads with authenticity. • Diamond studded rubber outsole pattern for stability and traction on all […]

Baby Shower Essentials Giveaway!!

I love babies!! So cute, so cuddly. I want do-overs with my own kids! I would cuddle more, clean less. I would relax more because my kids are amazing adults!! Even 7-year-old granddaughter Alice is growing up too dang fast. BTW only NINE days until Alice gets here for a visit!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! Okay, […]

5 Best Baby Teething Products You Have to Try!

Teething is a difficult time for infants because it causes irritability and pain that can be difficult to soothe. Young children do not understand what is happening to them and parents are also incapable of explaining the phenomenon to them yet either. Meanwhile, babies will try to put anything and everything in their mouths in […]