The One Tool NO Parent Should Be Without!!


I can’t believe I’m about to say this.

Aunt Shelly, if you’re reading, stop now!

… My Aunt Shelly reminds me of an iPad.

(Are you laughing? ‘Cause I’m not. Well, maybe a little bit, but hear me out…)

My Aunt Shelly is well-intentioned, and very helpful. Any time I need help with the kids, she’s more than eager to jump on in and lend a helping hand. She seems to know something about everything, and can make everyone laugh at the drop of a dime.

But the problem is this: I’ll drop the kids off for a playdate, and she’ll feed them candy instead of healthy snacks. She won’t put my youngest down for a nap because he ‘didn’t seem tired,’ and she’ll let the kids watch shows they could never watch on my clock.

With Aunt Shelly, there are no rules… And my rules – the rules I fight hard to establish – seem to go out the door. After Aunt Shelly time, the kids come home exhausted, fussy and stubborn.

Kids iPad

… Is my tablet analogy starting to make sense yet?

Like with my Aunt Shelly, I try my hardest to exercise patience when it comes to my kids devices, but they make me feel powerless.

I know tech is ‘the way of the future’ and tablets have the power to teach my kids something about everything. They are also great for those moments when I just need a moment to myself (or distract my kid when I’m giving him a bowl cut). But the thing is… until recently I felt like when my kids were on their devices, I didn’t have a voice.

That is, until I made a magical discovery… (If you’re a parent, this is where you really need to start paying attention.)

Screens are great, but they’re a privilege. At the end of the day, I’m still Mom, and what I say should go.

I don’t want to eat a nice home cooked meal with distracted zombies. And I certainly don’t want to hand a tablet over to my kids and then have to argue to get it back.

Introducing OurPact.

OurPact is an app. (Well, it’s more than an app; it’s a life-saving miracle.)

What it does is this:

Parents install OurPact on their phone (iOS only), or sign up for their web app. After creating an account, you pair up your kids mobile (Android or iOS) devices.

Then, from within the app, you can remotely manage kids access to Internet and apps.

You can set up schedules to block devices automatically, say for bedtime 9PM-7AM Monday through Friday, or for school hours. Or, you can block access at-a-touch, from anywhere, at anytime.

This means the next time you ask your kids to put their devices away and they counter with “Just TWOOO more minutes!” you can counter with OurPact.

This means their device in your hands. This means accountability, and responsibility.

This means healthy device habits, and good nights of sleep.

This means quality family time, and the knowledge that even when your kids are with Aunt Shelly, your screen time rules apply.

‘Cause, you see, screens aren’t all bad. They’re only bad when they aren’t yours anymore.


$50 December 2016 Your Way Giveaway!

Congratulations goes too…….(you have to wait until I get the kid off to school! I’ll update this post then) the my winner of the November $50 Giveaway.

It’s December! The tree is up; it’s so pretty!! The house is decorated, it smells good, it’s still CLEAN even!!! The house just looks beautiful. I love this time of year!!

Kindergarten is still smooth sailing for five-year-old Alice. I got rid of last month’s cold and guess what?! ANOTHER cold hit me today! UGH!! This one better just be a 24 hour thing!

My big MYSTERY from the last several month is continuing. Mysterious postcards still arriving scattered throughout the month, no one will fess up. However, now I’m thinking it’s my oldest Daughter Selena. Or Dan. Or…. well NO ONE will fess up!! Yes, it’s making me CRAZIER!!  These mysterious postcards arrive in the mail with one or two lines written out for a song that I hate! I HATE the song!! The postcard picture and lyrics are just enough to get that song playing in my head again. For DAYS!!! The plan is brilliant. It’s funny. The cards are postmarked from different states and NOW FROM FRANCE!?!? Still a funny, brilliant gag. NOW STOP IT!! And once again NO; I’m not telling any of you the song because I imagine KNOW that some of you are as funny and twisted as myself and my family and I KNOW I’d be getting all sorts of items to remind me of that dreadful song with more and frequent regularity! Except they would come from Ireland and perhaps Colorado! Ummmm hummmm….

My Elf On The Shelf breakfast was a huge hit with the Grandkids. My Elf Norgan ROCKS! He made matching t-shirts for the kids. He made a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, waffles and bacon. Fresh fruit and floating marshmallow snowmen in hot cocoa. Norgan provided several crafts to do after breakfast! What a great elf!! No you can’t have the Elf. Unnnnnless you are willing to fess up to the postcards?!?

So, that’s my monthly update. On to the Giveaway!! My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!!)

The December Giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements and going through PBnWhine for your regular Amazon Purchases is always appreciated. It’s also very appreciated if you like any of my reviews on Amazon. (I AM the queen of subtle hints!! I just can’t make it an entry because of Amazon’s terms of service. But I will be forever grateful AND able to continue to afford this giveaway. See??? Subtle!!)

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Now, off ya go. Good Luck!!

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