3 Tips To Renovate Your Backyard!

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Tailoring your home’s backyard to meet your ideal vision may seem like a difficult mountain to climb. But if you mix persistence with your own personality and ideas into your backyard landscape design, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, peaceful, accommodating place for family members and friends to experience fun days while soaking up the sun in your gorgeous garden paradise.

Whether you’re looking to design a new look of your backyard, or you need help with the lawn sprinkler system repair, there’s always something you can change. The beauty is that landscape redesigns and renovations will be a lot less expensive than you may think.

With that said, let’s take a look at some backyard renovation tips that are affordable, attractive, and capable of giving you the backyard you’ve always dreamed about.

Spruce Up Your Landscape By Adding Inexpensive Planters

To really help add life to your yard, it’s a good idea to add planters or raised beds so you can begin growing vegetables and flowers. It’s inexpensive to buy at your local gardening store, or you can shop online at your favorite retailer and get them delivered directly to your door.

You can go an even more inexpensive route and use items you have lying around your home. Some very effective and wonderful planter ideas include barrels, old pallets, crates, or even used car tires. You just need to repaint them and use them to add depth and dimension to your backyard by clustering them at different heights. This provides a delightful visual focal point.

Backyard with wildflowers

Use Gravel For Accent

Gravel is excellent for creating a chic garden accent. The great thing about gravel is it’s inexpensive. It will withstand the test of time and it’s really low maintenance. Adding gravel accents around your garden will really help make your backyard pop and add additional dimensions to the already beautiful scenery.

Do you have spots in your garden where plants don’t thrive? You should use gravel in these areas to make the garden look more attractive. Plus, if you have areas in the garden where you have heavy foot traffic, putting gravel down is the right idea because it will eliminate footprints, mud holes, and anything else that could make your garden look unappealing.

Brighten Up Your Backyard With Outdoor Lighting

Do you like to entertain guests in your backyard at night? If so, you’re aware how hard it is to see clearly without proper lighting. There are some interesting things you can do with your outdoor lighting options, so visit a hardware store or a garden store to find out about the best lighting options to meet your needs in your backyard.

By putting in lighting, it will be a lot easier to barbecue and entertain guests at night. Imagine how beautiful your pergola, made by the best outdoor pergola builders, NJ has to offer, is going to look like with the right lighting accentuating its intricate details. You can sit there drinking beers, eating great tasting food, and telling stories all night long. Without the proper lighting, it will be difficult to appreciate this experience at best, so don’t hesitate to put fun, exciting and interesting outdoor lighting in your backyard.


Please use these backyard renovation tips at your earliest convenience. Remember to hire the right remodeling company if you can’t make the renovations yourself.

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Match Your Home Décor To Your Living Situation!

A Marriage Of Aesthetic

A big part of a happy life is revolved around the décor which characterizes your house. You don’t want something loud and angled in a space that’s smooth, soft, and visually “quiet”. Rather, you want paintings, furniture, and color schemes which are will complement such surroundings.

There are a number of reasons for this beyond what the neighbors think. Your own psychological equilibrium will be reflected in the living situation you’ve built around you. A disorganized, hectic mind will be reflected by a disorganized, hectic house. Meanwhile an ordered, coherent, forward-thinking mind will be organized inside and out.

house on the lake

Paintings Of Pictures

One of the best ways to customize your home décor is through www.instapainting.com, a site which offers photo-to-painting services completed by a real artist who will hand-paint any photo photo you provide in about 3 weeks.

You can choose photographs from your life which reflect some of your greatest memories. These can be of pets, family members, locations, or even—if you want to go avant-garde—of your own paintings. Imagine a painting of a photo of a painting; it’s like a visual representation of Inception!

All kidding aside, you want to design your interior décor in a way that, beyond appearance, is amenable to you. You’re the one that has to live there! Also, you don’t want to work too hard for it. Granted, with all hard work comes profit, and it’s nice to sit back and enjoy the work of your hands. But there is an upper limit.

Be Properly Ambitious

If you choose a project that’s too ambitious, it’s going to cost you a lot of money, it’s going to take a lot of time to apply, and in the end it’ll be both tiring and perhaps even a perpetual irritant. A film was mentioned earlier, here’s another great example: ever seen Water World? The film went over budget, and its creators aren’t enamored of it.

Thankfully, the cast and director of Water World don’t have to live within their film. You do have to live within your house. So if you get a wild hair and design some patchwork argyle art-piece for the foyer, you may find yourself irritated at this decision when you come home after a night of revelry and the crisscrossed lines induce nausea.

One way to maximize home décor is to choose living situations pre-configured for excellence, like those of carmelapartments.com/loft-house-sunnyvale-ca, who offer “…open floor plans, high ceilings and big windows of city lofts. Dressed up in modern architecture…it’s got all the looks while offering a beautiful, relaxed living experience.”

Exterior Surroundings And Their Influence

One last thing to consider when you’re designing the interior of your home is location. It’s not just about how the inside of your house looks compared to the architecture, you want a home whose interior matches the surrounding geography of the region. You’ve never seen a beach house without seashell decorations, right?

It’s the same with mountain houses, tropical homes, metropolitan designs which bear that “Spartan” look which is so utilitarian, and the list goes on. So part of your interior design will have to do with your exterior situation.

Should you find yourself in tropical climes, Kapilina Apartments offer an unparalleled living experience. Apartments like this will come with previously-designed interior décor from which you can build an individualized solution.

This is by no means the only way to design the inside of your house, but it could be a way worth pursuing. Ultimately, you’ve got to make your own choices—so choose carefully!

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Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow!! The BEST There Is!!

Summer is coming to an end. I don’t want to sound too excited here but ….. there are only 19 days of summer left.  We’ve been doing some long car trips; mostly day trips and outings that are designed to wear the kid out. So, trips to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park; where if I’ve done my job correctly 6-year-old Alice sleeps all the way home!

Now; after seeing her little neck all scrunched up and at such weird angles as she sleepNeck pillow for all size travelerss in her car-seat I’ve been on the hunt for a travel pillow.  The trouble with most of them; ie ALL of them; actually put her head at an even worse angle. Then I found this amazing and by far the most intriguing neck pillow I’ve ever come across. Ovillow. A super soft neck support/travel pillow.
Unique neck pillow!!

I really didn’t want a blow up a pillow. They aren’t usually the most comfortable to lay on. I’m giddy over this particular pillow because it cuts down the items I’m carrying around. We even bring this one into the movie theater with us!  Ovillow Travel pillow

This neck pillow is AMAZING!!! Unique, soft covered in a soft green bamboo, comfortable and warm! It’s like being able to cut a section of a down comforter and take it with you. You can wrap the pillow once, twice even three times (for kids anyway) around your neck. You can make it looser and hold your hands insides.

The last long car trip I handed the pillow to the 6-year-old and said this is a neck pillow to rest your head on so you can take a little power nap. No instructions. Just the pillow. 20 minutes later she was OUT!!
The perfect travel pillow from Ovillow
This is the most amazing pillow. I keep it in the car at all times. I will take it when we travel by plane as well. It’s warm, comfy and makes an amazing pillow!!! It’s also perfection to rest the laptop on when it’s not being used as a pillow, simply roll it up and rest it in your lap. It really does keep the heat from the laptop becoming unbearable.


Pfffttttt, soft, flexible, comfortable, supportive, warm, perfect color; what could I possibly whine about?!?! Except maybe I have to fight a freakishly strong 6-year-old when I want to use the pillow.


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